NAB 2015

Last week, I helped out with staffing the booth at NMX/NAB in Las Vegas. This was a really large event with a wide range of exhibitors and attendees. This was my first time staffing an A8C-sponsored event and it was a very unique experience. Previously, I have only attended design/dev focused conferences and this event was not really web focused at all – it seemed to be more media and broadcasting. Continue reading “NAB 2015”

Moving to South Carolina

Jen and I are officially moving to South Carolina next month.

We decided to do this based on a couple different things. First off, both of our families are all on the other side of the country and we’re the only two out here in San Diego. We’ve been making a big loop to visit both families a couple times a year. It’s getting more and more difficult/costly to see everyone regularly. Even more, we have young nieces and nephews that we want to be able to see more often as they grow up over the years. Continue reading “Moving to South Carolina”